Margaret_Homepage-Photo-beautanix-anti-ageingHi, my name is Margaret and I am the founder of Beautanix.

Just to give you a little bit about my background:

After achieving a degree in Complementary Therapy at Derby University I moved back down south with my boys and started working as a massage/reflexologist using my knowledge of aromatherapy and treating my clients with natural oils during their treatments.

Needs Must

My venture into skin care started, like so many others do, when my son was suffering from horrendous eczema to the point where it was bleeding. I made a very crude concoction of something to stop the itching, heal the skin and reduce the dryness. After 7 days it had healed and I was pretty pleased with myself!

My attentions then turned to me!! I have always had a fascination with skin care and the ingredients and so many times bought a product only to be disappointed, so I decided to make my own, starting with a night serum.

Mixing and Fixing and Obstacles

After 2 years of formulating and testing it finally came about and I then decided to create a day oil that would replenish and hydrate my skin and set it up for the day. Half way through formulating it I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through two operations and a month of radiotherapy.

I was unable to carry on as a massage therapist so carried on working with my formulations. By this point I was making the day oil for severely stressed out skin that had really gone through the mill.

I was really happy with my night and day serums and even though I felt I was falling apart the skin on my face never changed and the nurse even called me glamorous as I left the hospital after my 2nd operation!

My Simple Saviour

I then went onto create “My Simple Saviour” whilst I went through all the radiotherapy. Because I have quite pale, celtic skin I had a feeling I would suffer but these amazing oils kept my skin in tip top condition and even my oncologist was really impressed!

I am passionate about my work, want women to feel good in their own skin and not only see maintenance but also improvement. My ingredients, which are ethically sourced from all over the world, are vegan and I am against animal cruelty.

Welcome to Beautanix! I hope you like the range,