Camelina Oil, also known as the Gold of Pleasure (yes, we’re not kidding!) is an edible oil that is not in anyway a new discovery! It’s been used for cooking, helping control cholesterol and used in many recipes for years. Whilst we’d love to talk more about cooking… we’re actually going to discuss how Camelina has been appearing more recently in beauty products! Although we’ll come back to that recipe idea in a minute!

Camelina is both therapeutic and healing; it contains strong antioxidants and high Vitamin E, which work wonders for our skin. In addition to that its also very high in Omegas which means it has plenty of fatty acids to moisturize even the driest of skin and prevent free radical damage.

When applying this oil we highly recommend working quickly to massage into skin as it’s absorbed very easily and doesn’t feel oily at all. Alternatively, give our Night Serum a try (buy now link added here), which includes tons of the Gold of Pleasure and leaves skin feeling just that… golden!

And for those that do want to eat Camelina, we don’t recommend you start eating your face oils… even if they do smell so delightful! So, try our own Camelina salad dressing instead: Greek yogurt, Camelina Oil, Dijon Mustard and some garlic cloves- blend and serve, NICE!