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  • BEAUTIFUL GLOW REJUVENATING KAOLIN CLAY MASK WITH GERANIUM ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL Pure Fine Kaolin Clay, Rice Bran Oil, Apricot Kernel, Avocado Oil Organic, Vitamin E 100% Natural, Sea Buckthorn Pulp CO2 Extract Organic, Carrot CO2 Extract Organic, Geranium Rose Essential Oil, Rosemary Antioxidant Organic.   KAOLIN CLAY is the more gentle and mildest of the clays and will revitalise, cleanse and purify, it is particularly good for those suffering with dryness and sensitivity. It has the ability to draw out excess dirt, oil and impurities from the pores but will not leave it feeling tight and taught. By stimulating the circulation it will reveal a radiant more clearer complexion. Caring, soothing and nourishing, not only do you have the mineral rich clay attributing to the amazing effects on the skin, but it is then paired with some beautiful skin enhancing oils. Highly beneficial for 30 plus and perfect for that important night out to zing up your skin, or even just when you are feeling tired out and want a lift, it is a real awakener.   Especially formulated to nourish and replenish and slow down the signs of ageing, the beautiful AVOCADO OIL will freshen and lift tired dull mature skin. The RICE BRAN OIL has fantastic anti-ageing properties, used on a regular basis by Japanese women, which attributes to their amazing complexions. The CARROT SEED CO2 and the SEABUCKTHORN helps improve and promote healthy skin, a concentration of goodness!
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    ULTRA FINE FRENCH GREEN CLAY WITH NOURISHING PLANT EXTRACTS PLUS LEMON AND CEDARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL Ultra-Fine French Green Clay, Evening Primrose Oil Organic, Pomegranate Oil, Vitamin E 100% Natural, Epidermis and Sebum Balancer, Rosehip CO2 Extract Organic, Lemon Essential Oil Organic, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Rosemary Antioxidant Organic. Especially formulated for COMBINATION SKIN that is prone to breakouts with beautiful POMEGRANATE SEED OIL which is a great anti-inflammatory and helps repair damaged skin. ROSEHIP OIL is a great regenerator and highly beneficial for scars, pimples, acne and boils. The beautiful FRENCH GREEN CLAY will draw out impurities, freshening the skin and improving the complexion. Packed with goodness from the earth! French Green Clay also known as Montmorillonite or Bentonite, is perfect for a really deep cleanse. Acting like a powerful magnet it draws out impurities, toxins and bacteria from the skin. Therefore helping to revitalise, clear and tighten the pores, balancing out any problem areas. Particularly good for oily congested skin.