The qualities of Rosehip as it’s such a superior oil when it comes to skincare, it’s a very dry thin oil which basically means it is absorbed into the skin straight away without any greasy residue, who wants an oil slick face!!!

Used a lot in skin care products for skin suffering all kinds of infections such as boils, pimples and acne. Used commonly in blends for eczema and psoriasis.  “My Simple Saviour” dry body oil which is paired with Apricot Kernel an oil perfect for those sensitive souls out there.  Rosehip is a multitalented oil! As it also targets skin that has had too much exposure to sunlight, wrinkles, (known as one the best oils for wrinkles) scars and fine lines around the eyes. Perfect for drawing those large pores in too!

The plant was originally brought to South America by European immigrants in the 16th century and it was used for ornamental purposes. Most of the commercial rosehip comes from Chile and in the Southern Andes, it grows wild. These days it is more known for its healing properties and rejuvenating effects on the skin.

We have used the rosehip in our replenishing “Palmarosa Day Oil” not only for all of the qualities above but it is a beautiful oil to sink straight into the skin, in fact, many of the oils in this products have been chosen not just for their healing and rejuvenating effects but also as they are short oils and leave no greasy residue on the skin allowing your makeup and sun factor to be applied afterwards. One pump for the day on a freshly washed dry face and you are hot to trot!


Recipe for Scar Tissue Oil

20mls Rosehip

10mls Vitamin E Natural

20mls Argan Oil

5 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Pour all of the oils into a bottle and shake well to combine, seal and label the bottle. With a blend of omega 3 and 6 to help regenerate the skin, it will heal and sooth at the same time. With beautiful lavender to calm and relax.