Hi, my name is Margaret and I am the founder of Beautanix natural skincare. I have always been drawn to natural ingredients rather than chemicals and as a 15-year old I would make up avocado face masks in my mother’s kitchen and whipped egg whites with lemon to calm down the excess oil in my skin, along with beer hair masks! For some reason, even at that age, it seemed natural and pure to use the goodness of nature.


After formulating a lotion for my son at 6 years old for his eczema and managing to cure it after 10 days, my attention turned to my own needs. I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the products I was using on my face, and after flicking over a packet of a cream I had been using for two years to see what it contained, I was slightly shocked, to say the least.  I could not see one natural ingredient! It was packed with chemicals! The consistency was lovely and the smell was ok but it was doing absolutely nothing for my skin, probably more damage than good.

I started to realise that there was a multitude of chemicals hitching a ride on the so-called natural products I was buying!  Dimethicone was popping up a lot; this ensures a smooth application, giving a flawless complexion and fills in lines. It is designed to seal in moisture. However, it is like walking around with cling film on your skin all day. It is not at all healthy and interferes with the skin’s natural functioning such as sweating and temperature regulation, along with sloughing off dead skin cells. In time, the skin will become irritated and prone to outbreaks.

Poly Ethelene Glycols (PEGs) are used to bring the product into the skin, to penetrate it easily and to keep the products stable. However, it can contain 1,4-dioxane which is reputed to be a probable carcinogen that readily penetrates – not the ideal substance to be smearing all over your face!

Mineral oils; this is a by-product of refining crude oil and is used in facial creams, baby lotions, and lipsticks. It is used as an emollient but is said to cause damage to the lymph nodes and liver. Surely it is better to use a plant oil that contains fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, to soften the skin?

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Natural oils are a breath of fresh air, as they mimic our own natural oils in our skin so are not foreign in any way and are received really well. They will work hard for your skin but are not in any way harsh. Many are rich in Omega fatty acids. For example, argon oil contains Omega 6; it protects and regenerates the skin and is good for damaged and mature skin. Camelina oil contains Omega 3 which is hydrating, moisturising and anti-inflammatory. Evening primrose oil is excellent for eczema and acne. Kiwi seed oil containing Omega 3, is great for damaged skin, large pores, fine lines and elasticity. Plant oils contain vitamins A,D and E so altogether these little power houses of nature can really nurture, heal and slow the ageing process….I could go on forever bestowing the virtues of plant extracts!

So I leave it to you to decide!………….Chemical laden products or the power of nature?

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life”- Renee Rouleau.

“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time”- Linden Tyler.

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